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We have always been in it for the love of it. We think that every ride, trip, adventure or innovation is amazing. And we can never get enough. We keep searching for new ways of doing things. We are both the scientist and the lab rat. We are the pioneers but we keep taking it further (we still have more patents than all the other surf companies combined). And whether we’re inventing some psycho technology, or scheming up a new trick, we are just opening up the world for everyone to join in.


Over 60 years ago, Jack O’Neill invented the wetsuit, and gave birth to an industry out of a San Francisco highway garage – just because he wanted to surf longer. Today, the same spirit still drives everything O’Neill does. We just want to do more of what we love, and we want to enable as many people as possible to do the same. We’re here for the same reason we’ve always been here: to enable the world to ride more.


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